19 Nov


After years of rumors about producing a cell phone, Google released some sort of Linux+Java based open mobile platform. They don’t produce any actual handsets, only the software. Risky, IMO, since they will have to rely on the handset makers to jump on the bandwagon – and the providers to play along. This is why the initial intuitive response is “this will never happen (if it weren’t Google doing it, that is)”, especially over here, where phones are locked down with DRM tighter than a twelve-year-old. (one-hour break as I try to look up on wikipedia whether the previous highly inappropriate statement was a simile or a metaphor, get carried away, and end up somewhere at agglutinative languages. It’s like crack.)

But anyway, as a big promotion push for all this, they’re giving away a couple of millions of dollars in prizes, $25K for starters and another $275K for a select few (guaranteed to be some sort of interwiki-flickr-mobile-web-streaming-4.0 buzzword tagcloud beta++). So tempting. Google is just very tempting in general.

I was also going to write about the guy who published a new Grand Unified Theory of Everything and the entire internets got their panties in a bunch because he’s portrayed as “some surfer dude” as opposed to a “theoretical physicist”. It’s cool how the paper might as well be completely made up and an elaborate joke on us mere mortals, and I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

This is the fourth paragraph, wherein I realize that blogs are a waste of time and this post sucks, and decide to go sleep. It’s getting cold outside and I could kill for double pane windows.

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  1. 1
    kz Says:

    hallottad, hogy nsz kapott ajanlatot googletol? 😀 (nem fogadta el asszem 🙂

  2. 2
    Z Says:

    he? komoly?

    nemar, lol

    googleban ugy hallottam reszvenyeket adnak az uj embereknek. belepsz es rogton ersz ugy 100k dollart. vagymi.

  3. 3
    Z Says:

    indexponthu hozza a szinvonalat es mara virradoan maris beharangozta a fizikusos sztorit


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