18 Jun

lol internet

after about 2 years of promising to write my own blog software and stuff, I caved in and installed wordpress, including this hideous blue theme (not as bad as the default one but still…)

really, I’m too burned out to start doing php again, even for fun. so many juicy security holes to consider, it’s much simpler to just use something prewritten with countless hours of open-source work behind it. wordpress is essentially set up to cater to idiots, everyone can install it in about 5 minutes. very convenient.

ooh, ajax and crap. and rss. neat.

wonder if I can import my old crap somehow. not that any of it was interesting or anything.

3 Responses to “lol internet”

  1. 1
    k-zed Says:

    reqd. name and e-mail? 🙂 (yes, i don’t even have comments in my phlog.)

    woot, a blog, and not even in moonspeak. Otoh driven by trendy imperialist software (written in php, too) 😀

    When will we get a /c/|/e/ based theme?

  2. 2
    k-zed Says:

    oh jesus christ, graphic smileys.

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down!”

  3. 3
    Z Says:

    lol wordpress

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