03 Aug


Amazon shipped my copy of Atlas Shrugged

It’s 1069 pages of bad writing (in like an 8pt font) and I’m going to read it

At 645000 words according to wikipedia, I paid approximately $0.0000183135969 per word – the wonders of laissez faire capitalism! ahaha

4 Responses to “bootstraps”

  1. 1
    evee Says:

    Alan Greenspan was one of the members of Ayn Rand’s inner circle, the Ayn Rand Collective, who read Atlas Shrugged while it was being written

  2. 2
    kz Says:

    Amazon still hasn’t shipped my “Programming in Haskell” book. (Ordered it about 1.5 weeks ago)

    Neither my The Pain (When Will It End) comic books. Damnit

  3. 3
    Z Says:


  4. 4
    evee Says:

    Have you already become an Objectivist?

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