26 Sep

Today was my last day at nVidia… We had a combined welcome-goodbye dinner last night for a couple of us for various occasions of comig/going/relocating.

I’ll miss the tons of next gen technical discussion on the internal mailing lists, it’s quite the experience to read so much stuff, half of which is non-public NDA material :3

Now I can enjoy whatever free time I have left

Also started looking for a new place to move to, I love my room but it has its problems and I’d like to step it up a level sometime next year. My minimum requirements would be a separate bedroom and living room (how absolutely fucking luxurious, ahaha č‹ĶįŽ‘), so 1LDK or 2K/2DK

The minimum requirement for the location is that it needs to be 1 direct train ride from Shibuya, reasonably quiet, no more than 5-6 minutes from the station, (but farther than 1-2 mins, otherwise it’s bound to be too busy and noisy) and the ekimae has to come with a good selection of restaurants/shops/whatever.

(Also world peace and a pony)

Some candidates:

  • Meguro
    Pros: on the Yamanote line, so I can stay out late almost anywhere. Reasonably close. Busy ekimae.
    Cons: probably expensive, might be loud
  • ShimoK
    Pros: it’s ShimoK! One-shot access to Shibuya and Shinjuku, indie music scene, good shopping.
    Cons: might be the victim of an aggressive urban redevelopment project in the near future. Also, too many gaijins.
  • Jiyuugaoka
    Pros: recently popular place, not too far. Has a busy looking ekimae and the only reasonable Hungarian restaurant in Tokyo.
    Cons: might be expensive. The two lines aren’t that useful (Toyoko to Yokohama, maybe, sure, but Ooimachi-sen is useless for me)
  • Kichijoji
    Pros: awesome ekimae, also it’s right next to Inokashira park. Might be cheaper as it’s further away.
    Cons: it’s really fucking far away, the inokashira-sen express covers it in 20 minutes, but that train is a crowded nightmare during rush hour. No chance to take a taxi home, it’d run me upwards of 7-8000 yen at least
  • Omotesando (comedy option)
    Pros: so central, but a few streets off of the main drag and it’s actually really quiet. Good (real frickin expensive) shopping. The only place in Tokyo with hotter women than Shibuya. Also, I could almost walk to work.
    Cons: can’t afford to live there, especially given the above requirements

Need to think about this moar (such as what percentage of my would-be salary will be sunk into not living in a goddamn hole in the wall)

8 Responses to “”

  1. 1
    evee Says:

    ekimae? moar? Kicsi dzsozsi is cool!

  2. 2
    kz Says:

    what’s an ekimae? 🙂

    practice this a little: http://port70.net/kzed/necron/
    (flash game, not mine, stolen from ad-riddled site)

  3. 3
    Z Says:


    ekimae = 駅前

  4. 4
    kz Says:

    ‘Station’, sez google translate

  5. 5
    kz Says:

    btw, fix your goddam rss feeds already

  6. 6
    Z Says:

    ??? nem mukodik az rss?

    ja vegigcsinaltam level 30 Great Cthulhu, lol

  7. 7
    kz Says:

    valami hulye headert kuld, a firefox cacheli, es csomo ideig nem latszik az uj, meg akkor se, hogyha context menuben refresht nyomok

    jatekhoz a kovetkezo: svn co https://port70.net/svn/misc/necron

    (meg csak a python-tk-s kliens mukodik, gtks folyamatban van… windozon meg senki nem birta mukodesre, de elmeletileg lehetseges 🙂 python 2.5 kell)

    python necron.py -s beta.vomitron.rozbiju.net ufoz

    (ha erdekel, icqn esetleg szolj ram, hogy legyen is fenn valaki.. estefele szoktunk jatszani)

  8. 8
    Z Says:

    ja nem tudom, wfm…? alap wordpress install, up to date.

    ez a python cucc jo, es megy windozon is. csak elsore kicsit confusing a flash verzio utan

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