26 Sep

Today was my last day at nVidia… We had a combined welcome-goodbye dinner last night for a couple of us for various occasions of comig/going/relocating.

I’ll miss the tons of next gen technical discussion on the internal mailing lists, it’s quite the experience to read so much stuff, half of which is non-public NDA material :3

Now I can enjoy whatever free time I have left

Also started looking for a new place to move to, I love my room but it has its problems and I’d like to step it up a level sometime next year. My minimum requirements would be a separate bedroom and living room (how absolutely fucking luxurious, ahaha 苦笑), so 1LDK or 2K/2DK

The minimum requirement for the location is that it needs to be 1 direct train ride from Shibuya, reasonably quiet, no more than 5-6 minutes from the station, (but farther than 1-2 mins, otherwise it’s bound to be too busy and noisy) and the ekimae has to come with a good selection of restaurants/shops/whatever.

(Also world peace and a pony)

Some candidates:

  • Meguro
    Pros: on the Yamanote line, so I can stay out late almost anywhere. Reasonably close. Busy ekimae.
    Cons: probably expensive, might be loud
  • ShimoK
    Pros: it’s ShimoK! One-shot access to Shibuya and Shinjuku, indie music scene, good shopping.
    Cons: might be the victim of an aggressive urban redevelopment project in the near future. Also, too many gaijins.
  • Jiyuugaoka
    Pros: recently popular place, not too far. Has a busy looking ekimae and the only reasonable Hungarian restaurant in Tokyo.
    Cons: might be expensive. The two lines aren’t that useful (Toyoko to Yokohama, maybe, sure, but Ooimachi-sen is useless for me)
  • Kichijoji
    Pros: awesome ekimae, also it’s right next to Inokashira park. Might be cheaper as it’s further away.
    Cons: it’s really fucking far away, the inokashira-sen express covers it in 20 minutes, but that train is a crowded nightmare during rush hour. No chance to take a taxi home, it’d run me upwards of 7-8000 yen at least
  • Omotesando (comedy option)
    Pros: so central, but a few streets off of the main drag and it’s actually really quiet. Good (real frickin expensive) shopping. The only place in Tokyo with hotter women than Shibuya. Also, I could almost walk to work.
    Cons: can’t afford to live there, especially given the above requirements

Need to think about this moar (such as what percentage of my would-be salary will be sunk into not living in a goddamn hole in the wall)

22 Sep




17 Sep


spicy thai food for lunch makes you sweat, damn

04 Sep

MS Gamefest

Today I went to microsoft gamefest tokyo with NV. There were lots of xboxes and game developers. My boss was doing talks on DX11 tessellation (displacement mapping and terrain)

gamefest slide
Here’s one of our slides showing deformation stuff :3

And here’s the tessellation terrain demo running in the OpenGL emulation framework (since no hardware supports tessellation yet)

We got “I love XNA” teddy bears as marketing gifts souvenirs

After the conference we went to a mexican restaurant in Harajuku, they had a live mariachi band and delicious guacamole and quesadillas and tacos, om nom nom

03 Sep


So Google surprised everybody again by releasing a browser that works surprisingly well for a beta. Having somewhat of a future personal interest in the matter (cough) I had to try it.

Initial impressions after less than an hour:

  • It works. This is a big one, but really, websites and flash/videos work out of the box and that’s a good thing.
  • The interface is nice, a lot of it is a straightforward copy of FF3 (including the remember-password interface which I liked, and the insta-search in bookmarks/history). There are not a lot of options/customizability at first, I suppose this is in line with the G philosophy.
  • DOM inspector / JS debugger: I didn’t look at these in detail but I see they’re there along with other dev tools, looks useful.
  • tab bar on top: I thought this would annoy me but it’s done tastefully enough not to bother me. (I really dislike IE7’s layout, for example)
Things I don’t like:
  • ADS. Just no. It desperately needs an Adblock of some kind, I’m sure it’s possible even though there’s no apparent extensibility at first glance. After years of FF+adblock I just can’t go back to a web with annoying ads cluttering up my flamewars and lols.
  • No mouse gestures (yet?) – The one I especially want is hold right button + scrollwheel to cycle through tabs, plus a close tab gesture. I hope these will be added later…
  • I could list all the other extensions that I miss, but yeah, an interface/gallery like FF’s Add-ons would be ideal
  • The search engine defaulted to google.co.jp (based on download geolocation I guess?) with no option to change it, even though the browser is otherwise set to English everywhere else. I want .com since .jp prioritizes moonspeak results. There’s no way to change the default other than manually adding my own entry for .com and setting that as the default search.
  • Task manager: yes, it’s nice to know which web page is “using up resources”, but what then? It’s usually a page with video running, so I can decide to stop watching or put up with it. I can see how it’s a good tool, but G seems to be putting too much emphasis on it, and it encourages the same type of OCD memory-usage-checking behavior that people were doing with firefox (DURR HURR IT ARE EATING UP MY RAMS!!1 I HAEV 2 GIGABYTES BUT EVERY BIT MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR!!!! DURRRRR WUTS A CACHE!????)
  • just read the /g/ thread for a bunch of other worthwhile complaints I hadn’t come across yet, most of them reasonable

So Chrome won’t be replacing Firefox for me for the time being, but I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on it (probably will have to eat dogfood and follow the party line sooner or later, lol)

Edit: shit I’m late for work :0

Edit 2: bonus points for about:internets (it’s a series of tubes!)

Edit 3: incognito, moar like porn mode

03 Aug


Amazon shipped my copy of Atlas Shrugged

It’s 1069 pages of bad writing (in like an 8pt font) and I’m going to read it

At 645000 words according to wikipedia, I paid approximately $0.0000183135969 per word – the wonders of laissez faire capitalism! ahaha

01 Aug


not going to siggraph after all 🙁

2 days waiting time to get a visa appointment my ass, more like 12 days, way to go

18 Jul

beer index

this is kind of absurd

yahoo weather japan has random stuff like UV radiation and “do i need an umbrella today?” indices, but I just found that they also have a beer index – on a scale of 1 to 10, on how much we want to drink beer in the summer heat.

not kidding.

Of course, every day is beer day! Yay! Thank you, yahoo japan.

12 Jul

still alive


23 Jun

Indy 4

Since it took the censors/dubbers/whatever a month to finally get the movie released here, I tried to avoid spoilers as much as I could, so all I had was “the story is bad”. But I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad.

Still, I have to admit I enjoyed it for what it is, a good old Indy movie, and old as he may be, Harrison Ford just oozes charisma, god damn.

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