07 Sep


So tropical typhoon #9 (“Fitow”, what a catchy name!) has passed Tokyo. My room is on the top floor in a building that sticks out one story above the neighborhood average, so it basically gets 100% exposure to the forces of nature. So I got to listen to howling wind and the sound of rain on the windowsills all night. Well, it seems to have gone now.

Speaking of rain, I noticed that the number of umbrellas I own has been steadily decreasing. Some seem to have been stolen, or left behind somewhere on purpose because I didn’t feel like carrying an umbrella around anymore. I think I peaked at around 7 or 8 (tempted to finish this post with bel air, but no), and now I’m back down to like 4 3 (one ruined by the wind yesterday on my way home, r.i.p)


Fitow is the name of a flower found on the island of Yap in Micronesia, according to the Web site of the Hong Kong Observatory, which lists cyclone names in use in the Pacific.


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    kz Says:

    Never understood the bel air meme myself.

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