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15 Oct


Right next to Mt.Fuji, and full of crazy rollercoasters. 3.5 hours waiting in line for 2 minutes of THIS: Eejanaika You just never know when you’re going to go forward or backward or upside-down. Guinness record holder in the top number of flips. FFFFFFfffffffffffffffff. Not my video, and it doesn’t really do it justice, but […]

26 Sep

Today was my last day at nVidia… We had a combined welcome-goodbye dinner last night for a couple of us for various occasions of comig/going/relocating. I’ll miss the tons of next gen technical discussion on the internal mailing lists, it’s quite the experience to read so much stuff, half of which is non-public NDA material […]

04 Sep

MS Gamefest

Today I went to microsoft gamefest tokyo with NV. There were lots of xboxes and game developers. My boss was doing talks on DX11 tessellation (displacement mapping and terrain) Here’s one of our slides showing deformation stuff :3 And here’s the tessellation terrain demo running in the OpenGL emulation framework (since no hardware supports tessellation […]

18 Jul

beer index

this is kind of absurd yahoo weather japan has random stuff like UV radiation and “do i need an umbrella today?” indices, but I just found that they also have a beer index – on a scale of 1 to 10, on how much we want to drink beer in the summer heat. not kidding. […]

10 Apr

domain expired

trying a new server (and wp 2.5) hosted in tokyo this time, so it’s faster for me but slower from europe etc. I wonder. at least it’s cheap but it’s crappy shared hosting, bleh. most jp hosts are crazy expensive even for tiny amounts of space (tens or hundreds of megabytes) – guess they haven’t […]

28 Mar


There’s this park nearby with one huge sakura tree (枝垂桜, weeping cherry or something) that they light up for full bloom. Purdy.

31 Jan

bureaucracy sucks

This is 72 pages of concentrated fail, giving me a headache All I wanted to know was if I can get a tax return 🙁

18 Dec


Magyar blog post is magyaaaaar. 空気読めない, kuuki yomenai, “nem tudja olvasni a levegot”. Igy mondjak japanul azt amikor valaki baromira nem kepes felfogni hogy mi a helyzet egy adott szituacioban/kontextusban. Pl. amikor az ev vegere bonuszkent berakott extra szeminarium mar harom oraja tart, este 7 elmult, de csak mondja tovabb es mondja es belekerdez es […]

04 Dec


So I just found my Sakuraya point card hidden in my wallet, it has more than 20K points. Then I checked their website and it says points can be used as yen to pay for stuff 1:1. Score!? After some quick mental math it turns out I spent almost 150K yen just at Sakuraya for […]

13 Nov

Nice boat.


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