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28 Dec


winter break time is nice I saw Hero (英雄) like five years too late. Awesome atmosphere. And Zhang Ziyi is so cute :3 Also the charger for my DS only takes 110 volts, wtf. And I was looking forward to playing the FF4 remake over the holidays! Bawwwww.

23 Dec


I turned 24. facepalm.jpg is it can be an hero tiem now plz?

18 Dec


Magyar blog post is magyaaaaar. 空気読めない, kuuki yomenai, “nem tudja olvasni a levegot”. Igy mondjak japanul azt amikor valaki baromira nem kepes felfogni hogy mi a helyzet egy adott szituacioban/kontextusban. Pl. amikor az ev vegere bonuszkent berakott extra szeminarium mar harom oraja tart, este 7 elmult, de csak mondja tovabb es mondja es belekerdez es […]

09 Dec

concerning music

Having a portable music player is still sort of unusual for me, canalphones basically act like earplugs and block out a lot of external sound, so that’s one of the five senses sacrificed for the sake of entertainment. Thoughts on the ipod nano “fat”: 8 gigs is not enough. Especially since most of my music […]

04 Dec


So I just found my Sakuraya point card hidden in my wallet, it has more than 20K points. Then I checked their website and it says points can be used as yen to pay for stuff 1:1. Score!? After some quick mental math it turns out I spent almost 150K yen just at Sakuraya for […]

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