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26 Mar

I am Jack’s lack of blog updates

I moved to a new apartment ~ pros: 2x area (I can finally fit a big tv and a sofa) 2x storage space proper insulation upscale neighborhood (international supermarket) commute time cut in half fiber optic internet usable kitchen ass-washing toilet push-button bath with fill bath and reheat buttons air con in the bathroom giant […]

15 Oct


Right next to Mt.Fuji, and full of crazy rollercoasters. 3.5 hours waiting in line for 2 minutes of THIS: Eejanaika You just never know when you’re going to go forward or backward or upside-down. Guinness record holder in the top number of flips. FFFFFFfffffffffffffffff. Not my video, and it doesn’t really do it justice, but […]

05 Aug


randomly and serendipitiously caught an episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS while in the US, and it left a unique enough impression that I started watching the rest of it now that I’m back home. Really liking it so far. Also on the to-watch list is the entire series of Lost. Yes, I’m that […]

24 Jun

in popular culture

Daily Show staff at presidential events are consistently awesome, for example, Colbert back in the W days. Shoutout to YT at 6:20!

18 Jun

Highway 1 is the best highway

Saturday: Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz Seafood restaurant near the marina. Eating crab is a lot of work for not so much food, but it’s pretty good. Also the spicy fried calamari was awesome. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an old-fashioned amusement park. They had fireworks to celebrate the anniversary of their rollercoaster from […]

10 Jun


checked out the Haight: full of junkie panhandlers asking for “food, money or pot” Japantown: tried to order in Japanese, turns out the waitress was Chinese and only knew Welcome and Thank you found that a $1.50 bus ticket is good all day long because nobody checks the expiry time Saw Monty Python’s Spamalot. It’s […]

27 May


cold but fun… – biked across the Golden Gate bridge – had seafood and Napa wine with a view of the bay and the city – took a ferry back to Fisherman’s Wharf – cable car ride back to Market, hanging on to the side

24 May

in the bay area

Ok so I’m a dumbass and forgot to read up on the weather, and assumed it was going to be all sunny and warm, and I only packed “summer clothes”. Well it’s frickin’ freezing. It turns out that SF and the surrounding areas are really really chilly. Also apparently it has microclimates according to wikipedia, […]

27 Mar


Lots of things happened. From newest to oldest: I graduated and got my diploma. Yay! A happy and sad trip home, where: I sprained my ankle FFFFFFFFF 3-day videogaming binge (reliving high school through old games) Saw Cats A fun class reunion Before going home: Last drinking party with the lab And went skiing in […]

19 Mar


…well, not really. There are some words that I misread a long time ago, and since then, always mentally substituted the incorrect version every time I saw the word, for years. Then when I actually notice the correct spelling for some reason, it comes as a shock (cognitive dissonance), since I’ve been aware of a […]

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