18 Jun

Highway 1 is the best highway

Saturday: Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz


Seafood restaurant near the marina. Eating crab is a lot of work for not so much food, but it’s pretty good. Also the spicy fried calamari was awesome.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is an old-fashioned amusement park. They had fireworks to celebrate the anniversary of their rollercoaster from 1924.

Sunday: Golden Gate Bridge to Point Reyes National Seashore


Highway 1 winds along the California coast: the Pacific to the left and giant rolling hills to the right. Two lanes, hilly with sharp curves, no passing, no items, Fox only, Final Destination.


Muir beach. John Muir is da man.

Not pictured: old-growth redwood forest in Muir Woods, Point Reyes seashore, the San Andreas fault etc.

GPS is the best thing since wide-slot toasters that can fit bagels.

3 Responses to “Highway 1 is the best highway”

  1. 1
    evee Says:

    I love bagels

  2. 2
    ü. Says:

    Karibu rafiki yangu!
    Azé jó ez a guglis meló, úgy látom. 🙂 A rák tetszetős darab. Volt kalapács meg minden?
    Én kiruccantam Tanzániába végre 3 hétre, örülés van. Arusha. De uncsi hogy nem lőnek, szóval pénteken átmegyünk Kongóba.

  3. 3
    Z Says:

    GJ, vigyazz azer magadra 🙂

    olyan diotoro fele bigyesz miacsuda volt

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