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22 Apr

impulse purchase

so I bought this CD from the internets (paying for music, go figure) cranky is this obscure japanese indie rave/trance musician, and lo and behold on the CD and on his myspace it says “Hiroshi Watanabe”, but if you google that name you get to this guy, video game music etc and fairly high profile […]

17 Apr

the internet

Parker and Stone are fucking geniuses. This week’s episode of SP topped the previous lineup of dumb memes with an eerily awesome parody of Grapes of Wrath. Plus, the whole “no internet = isolated from the world” angle is oh so familiar… edit: not safe for work

10 Apr

domain expired

trying a new server (and wp 2.5) hosted in tokyo this time, so it’s faster for me but slower from europe etc. I wonder. at least it’s cheap but it’s crappy shared hosting, bleh. most jp hosts are crazy expensive even for tiny amounts of space (tens or hundreds of megabytes) – guess they haven’t […]

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