22 Apr

impulse purchase

so I bought this CD from the internets (paying for music, go figure)

cranky is this obscure japanese indie rave/trance musician, and lo and behold on the CD and on his myspace it says “Hiroshi Watanabe”, but if you google that name you get to this guy, video game music etc and fairly high profile apparently. Now either there are two japanese musicians with the same name and close in style, OR this guy is leading a dual Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type of life, selling original music on his website by day and DJing by night or perhaps the other way around. To top it off on last.fm it says he’s a she (which is just absurd, the cd has a photo of a guy, plus Hiroshi is a male name, so uh…)

it is a mystery

anyway enough playing internet detective, also I don’t even like trance or rave but his stuff is pretty good, more like half classical actually

in other news, bassza meg a lo, tudtam hogy ez lesz, most mondhatom le az n betus ceget (vagy a g betuset ami hulyeseg lenne), ahhhhhhhhh

4 Responses to “impulse purchase”

  1. 1
    kz Says:

    ez tortenik, hogyha tul jo vagy 🙂 igyjaras

    nekem meg helikoptervezetes helyett megint c# c++ vga framegrabber kartya vezerles van, hogy oruljek. utalom a kicseszett vizual studiot, hogy dogolne meg

  2. 2
    kz Says:

    btw, the comments RSS doesn’t work right… it often doesn’t show the most recent comments

  3. 3
    Z Says:

    RSS, empty cache?

    az a baj hogy lemondani nem olyan egyszeru, mert eleve szivessegbol halgattak meg stb stb meg a profom kicsit haklis

  4. 4
    kz Says:

    oh boy, firefox sux.

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