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27 Feb


from a job interview at that company that starts with a G (and ends in oogle) I had to sign an NDA three times as long as my resume just to get in. Looking back I don’t think the questions they asked were NDA-worthy, but them’s the breaks. One hour in Japanese went pretty well, […]

10 Feb


reggel 9 – este 8 a tokeletes ido a kellemes hetvegi aszfaltbontashoz es gazvezetek szereleshez lol hosszu hetvege

01 Feb

like crack

After another two hour long wikipedia binge (Darius McCollum to the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria; don’t ask) I found some more cool stuff. Tongwancheng (统万城) is the only city ever left behind by the Huns, from the fifth century, recently uncovered in the deserts of central China. I should probably visit sometime, once it’s […]

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