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05 Aug


randomly and serendipitiously caught an episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS while in the US, and it left a unique enough impression that I started watching the rest of it now that I’m back home. Really liking it so far. Also on the to-watch list is the entire series of Lost. Yes, I’m that […]

16 Oct


lol deer caught in headlights ZERO!

03 Sep


So Google surprised everybody again by releasing a browser that works surprisingly well for a beta. Having somewhat of a future personal interest in the matter (cough) I had to try it. Initial impressions after less than an hour: It works. This is a big one, but really, websites and flash/videos work out of the […]

18 Jul

beer index

this is kind of absurd yahoo weather japan has random stuff like UV radiation and “do i need an umbrella today?” indices, but I just found that they also have a beer index – on a scale of 1 to 10, on how much we want to drink beer in the summer heat. not kidding. […]

23 May

firefox 3 rc1

…is fast! Wheee. The single biggest UI improvement imo is the new remember-this-password interface – now I can see if I had the right login before having to decide about making the browser remember it or not! I fully endorse moving away from modal dialogs. (Now if only Thunderbird would do the same for connection […]

17 Apr

the internet

Parker and Stone are fucking geniuses. This week’s episode of SP topped the previous lineup of dumb memes with an eerily awesome parody of Grapes of Wrath. Plus, the whole “no internet = isolated from the world” angle is oh so familiar… edit: not safe for work

10 Apr

domain expired

trying a new server (and wp 2.5) hosted in tokyo this time, so it’s faster for me but slower from europe etc. I wonder. at least it’s cheap but it’s crappy shared hosting, bleh. most jp hosts are crazy expensive even for tiny amounts of space (tens or hundreds of megabytes) – guess they haven’t […]

19 Nov


After years of rumors about producing a cell phone, Google released some sort of Linux+Java based open mobile platform. They don’t produce any actual handsets, only the software. Risky, IMO, since they will have to rely on the handset makers to jump on the bandwagon – and the providers to play along. This is why […]

04 Sep

18 Jun

lol internet

after about 2 years of promising to write my own blog software and stuff, I caved in and installed wordpress, including this hideous blue theme (not as bad as the default one but still…) really, I’m too burned out to start doing php again, even for fun. so many juicy security holes to consider, it’s […]

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