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24 Oct

Mini-survey on new graduate salaries SCE $35.3K Nintendo $25.6K Namco $24.6K Konami $23.8K Square: based on abilities, not based on age? (very unusual) hurrr so apparently, the game industry doesn’t pay (that well)

22 Oct

spent sunday re-reading my favorite obscure webcomic isometric, it has cubes and dadaism to rival pokey the penguin, and every strip either ends unexpectedly or evolves into an epic hollywood-esque action sequence with an amalgamation of cliches and philosophy and obscure geek humor subtly hidden in between the lines, also inspiring this shitty stream-of-consciousness blog […]

21 Oct

wedding party

Yoshiko and Carson, congratulations & good luck! ps. kz neked is congratulations am, azert ugy idozitsetek hogy otthon legyek, haha

14 Oct

The cake is a lie

Portal was so much fun. Weighted Companion Cube!!! <3 <3 <3

10 Oct

Starting salaries surge for computer science grads (?)

From Ars Technica The new average salary for a job right out of college is now $53,051. That’s the highest amount this decade. Hmm. I wonder how that compares to Japan. Over here, the formula is generally in the ballpark of $your_age*10000 yen a month plus bonus(es). A smaller CG related company who recently visited […]

09 Oct


Last weekend was a two-day rush visit to a joint Korean + Japanese Symposium on Computer Graphics Blah Blah, with students from both sides giving presentations about their research (in English). The first day was spent listening to these presentations all day long, then half a day of sightseeing the next day just before the […]

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