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18 Aug

Mt. Fuji

「富士山に 登らない馬鹿 二度登る馬鹿」 “You are a fool not to climb Mt Fuji once, but you are a fool to climb it twice.” (for values greater than two the results are undefined) Non-fool status achieved! 😀 It’s not a very fun climb; the top of the mountain is completely barren, nothing but rocks and dust and […]

13 Aug

West Japan trip

Short summer vacation is shooooort 🙁 Kobe (神戸) is a large port city just west of Osaka. It’s famous for its Western architecture, a small Chinatown and the ’95 earthquake. Capsule hotels are… weird. No pictures, I was too tired and fell asleep instantly. They had a very nice onsen, though. Himeji (姫路) has a […]

10 Aug

Posting from a net cafe in Hiroshima Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is おいしい

06 Aug

summer vacation

8/7 Osaka or Kobe 8/8 Himeji 8/9 Okayama 8/10 Onomichi 8/11 Hiroshima (Miyajima) 8/12 Hiroshima (looking around the city); Shinkansen back to Tokyo (copy pasta from mixi 7日 大阪 OR 神戸 8日 姫路 9日 岡山 10日 尾道 11日 広島 (宮島) 12日 広島 (町で観光) )

05 Aug


Summer is fireworks season! We went to Edogawa to see the fireworks festival with about a billion other people: Really fucking crowded Seriously, some of those people claimed their spots days ago so it was a miracle that we could sit at all. It’s kinda scary to see the hordes of people and the long […]

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