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28 Jun

課題: 身近なところで、簡単な並行応答系をみつけ、 (1) その仕様をπ計算で記述し、 (2) またその実装もπ計算で記述し、 (3) それらの観測等価性を証明なさい。締め切り:7/31 提出方法:1階レポートボックスに紙で提出のこと。 Project: Find a simple concurrent, reactive system from your daily life, (1) describe a specification in pi-calculus, (2) also describe an implementation in pi-calculus, (3) and prove observational equivalence between them.Deadline: 31 July Submission: by paper into the report mailbox on the 1st floor. I hate […]

25 Jun


Last weekend, half my lab went to Osaka for some sort of conference. So today, they all brought some omiyage to the weekly lab meeting. Like, at least five different kinds. (・∀・)

19 Jun


some upcoming shows that I’m definitely going to: 21 June 2007 Sonata Arctica @ Shibuya AX 20-21 Oct 2007 LOUD PARK 2007 @ Saitama Super Arena Want to see: Amorphis and Therion (I just hope they come on the same day) Edit: I can’t believe I missed this one! 24 May Stratovarius @ Liquid Room […]

18 Jun

lol internet

after about 2 years of promising to write my own blog software and stuff, I caved in and installed wordpress, including this hideous blue theme (not as bad as the default one but still…) really, I’m too burned out to start doing php again, even for fun. so many juicy security holes to consider, it’s […]

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