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04 Sep

MS Gamefest

Today I went to microsoft gamefest tokyo with NV. There were lots of xboxes and game developers. My boss was doing talks on DX11 tessellation (displacement mapping and terrain) Here’s one of our slides showing deformation stuff :3 And here’s the tessellation terrain demo running in the OpenGL emulation framework (since no hardware supports tessellation […]

02 Nov


to the left, an n*s sdk in front, two screens to the right, a small hdtv and a w*i sdk below, enough cables to reach halfway to the moon warm and fuzzy on the inside

08 Jul

mystery bug

Compiling someone else’s source code, there was one part in the program that mysteriously didn’t work like it was supposed to. During debugging, it became obvious that the program is simply ignoring an entire case statement. The cause? Japanese comments in the code. // 無機能 case 0: in S-JIS encoding, ends in a backslash character, […]

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