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22 Sep


TGS was back in September but I forgot to write about it so here we go, fake timestamp ahoy. It was flashy, crowded – but not as crowded as last year (when the PS3 + Wii dual debut hype supposedly brought like 200K visitors, compared to this year’s 60K, although I don’t remember the exact […]

16 Sep


9000 hours in mspaint. also spoilers maybe Out of PW1-3, the third one is clearly superior I also played through part 4, this time all in Japanese. Slow reading comprehension is sloooow… But the game is pretty good, and it has gimmicky 3D parts now! Yay! also every new post here has a record amount […]

07 Sep


So tropical typhoon #9 (“Fitow”, what a catchy name!) has passed Tokyo. My room is on the top floor in a building that sticks out one story above the neighborhood average, so it basically gets 100% exposure to the forces of nature. So I got to listen to howling wind and the sound of rain […]

04 Sep

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