05 Aug


randomly and serendipitiously caught an episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS while in the US, and it left a unique enough impression that I started watching the rest of it now that I’m back home. Really liking it so far.

Also on the to-watch list is the entire series of Lost. Yes, I’m that far behind the times.

mini-recap of the rest of July: freedom trail, fireworks, a Hammond organ, tall ships, Cape Cod, sailing, driving, a horrible 16-hour flying marathon, jetlag, drinking, beaches, more fireworks, and a whole lot of youtube. (beta testing the new mobile website for touch-screen phones! m.youtube.com on iphone/android/pre! zomg)

also, for the obligatory impulse purchase de month, bought a Keyboard Cat t-shirt:


5 Responses to “tv”

  1. 1
    kz Says:

    i guess you finally decided to post something, like i did 🙂

    youtube worked fine on the android using the builtin UI when i tried it, but i suppose that way the fantastic “community” features are unavailable

  2. 2
    kz Says:

    Explain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doJ683NcwnI

  3. 3
    kz Says:

    incidentally a day after posting my second comment, your title page says “1 comment” even after refresh

    at a minimum, this blog engine screws up http headers wrt. caching (the rss being broken as fck isn’t all my fault either)

    set this shit on fire, use some google thingamajig oslt

  4. 4
    kz Says:

    …oh, my comment is “awaiting moderation”, now that i look again

    i must be a facken spammer

  5. 5
    Z Says:

    ahhh sry. I filter everything with a link in it.

    also, WTF.

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