22 Sep


TGS was back in September but I forgot to write about it so here we go, fake timestamp ahoy.

It was flashy, crowded – but not as crowded as last year (when the PS3 + Wii dual debut hype supposedly brought like 200K visitors, compared to this year’s 60K, although I don’t remember the exact figures)

It was crowded enough to make demos impossible to try, waiting times being more than an hour for most games. The other main attraction was the Squaresoft Square-Enix Closed Mega Theater, with tickets being given away to the otaku zergrush first thing in the morning – not worth it for a couple of trailers that’ll probably appear on youtube in a week.

So nothing left to do but wandering around aimlessly, and going Booth Babe Hunting ™! I’m secretly convinced that all big trade shows are actually about girls in skimpy clothes. Also there were cosplayers, although it’s kind of a letdown since every second one was doing Cloud or Aeris… Boring.

…games? What games?

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