22 Oct

spent sunday re-reading my favorite obscure webcomic isometric, it has cubes and dadaism to rival pokey the penguin, and every strip either ends unexpectedly or evolves into an epic hollywood-esque action sequence with an amalgamation of cliches and philosophy and obscure geek humor subtly hidden in between the lines, also inspiring this shitty stream-of-consciousness blog post made of fail and run-on sentences which I am writing while sitting bored in a seminar and waiting for it to be over — after the experiment, you will be baked and there will be cake (alcohol)

also looked through a lot of my old computer crap and feel like I lost a part of my inner geek with no motivation to work on personal projects anymore and just wasting time on 4chan, after the cave story psp port I started on a DS kanji drill program (since all the japanese ones are made for japanese people) but that is going nowhere fast due to lack of effort, I was expecting to use it to study for JLPT 1 this december but now that is highly unlikely. Anyway, it was fun to see stuff that I barely remember doing like a swearword generator which outputs gems like “assnozzle” etc or a ti-83 (z80) emulator in java (wtf was I thinking) or a program to cheat in flash flash revolution or wowmapview which I spent most of 2005 on and I still remember the rush I had from finding out what this or that means, or being so excited that I took a printout of a hexdump to class to look over that instead of paying attention [citation needed]

now we’re 12 minutes overtime and there’s still 1.5 presentations to go please hurry up argh

edit: over 9000 minutes overtime

edit edit: fluid simulation, nice boat

edit edit edit: the Enrichment Center would like to remind you that Portal is the most quotable game of 2007

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