18 Jan

metal week jan ‘08

Blurry photo is blurryyy


I was curious how the new Nightwish singer, Anette would turn out. She was very cute! :3 Also she kept adjusting her dress all the time, seriously, she went for the boobs every two minutes. (fanservice?) Just one gripe, she didn’t sing the high notes – I checked some older live videos on Youtube and apparently Tarja sang all the high notes properly in live performances, too. Oh well.

And the keyboard guy, Holopainen looks like Jack Sparrow. Extremely badass.

Dream Theater earlier this week was also good, and drew a much much bigger crowd (in the Budokan which holds like 10K+ people, and it was at least half full)


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    desu Says:

    Márciusban hozzánk is jönnek 😉

    DT-n nem volt teljesen megtöltve a nézőtér? Ez érdekes.

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